2022 Competitions – ENTRY

Link to Competition Rules.  Please take the time to read the rules.

֍The deadline to enter the September 13, 2022 Competition for digital photos is August 30, 2022.

֍A total of 3 photos in distinct categories may be entered.

֍Please keep file size to a maximum of 1.0 MB.

You’ll find details about categories, photo resizing, photo editing etc. in the competition rules.

֍Use just the Title of the photo as the filename when submitting your entry, e.g. Title.jpg

Click the category heading below for each entry you have and then upload your photo.

The link will take you to Dropbox to complete each entry.  You do not need to have a Dropbox account.

When you have completed the details, the entry screen displays confirmation that your photo was sent to the club.

֍You will need to return to this page of the Napanee Photo Club website to complete each individual entry.

Before submitting your images, please check that they meet the following requirements:
֍Maximum file size is 1.0 MB (1000 kB)
֍The file name contains only the Title (e. g. Summer Sunset.jpg)
֍The image capture date appears in the Exif data file and is not before September 13, 2019
֍Images are no more than 1400 pixels in width and no more than 1050 pixels in height