Photo Art 2021

The annual show of prints called Photo Art has been cancelled for 2022. The club disbanded in October 2022.

Best of Show 2021, Atlantic Puffin by Caroline Bennett
For 2021, Nature 1st place and Best of Show, Caroline Bennett, Atlantic Puffin

The Best of Show award for 2021 goes to Caroline Bennett for her image Atlantic Puffin.

Links to award winners through the decades:
Best of Show (for the annual photo show),
Photographer of the Year (for competitions).


For 2021, Colour Pictorial 2nd place & People’s Choice winner, Jim Peets, Secure

The People’s Choice award for 2021 goes to Jim Peets for his image Secure.

  • Photo Art 2021 opened on October 1 and closed December 9. 
    (It was extended beyond its initial November closing date.)

Photo Art 2021 images
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Results of the Photo Art 2019 show

Colour PictorialJulie Drummond, with ‘Blooms For Breakfast’ Sean Hearon, with ‘Snowy Day’, Peoples’s Choice Caroline Bennett, with ‘Crazy Fun’ and Jim Peets, with ‘Hardtop Blue Lines’
MonochromeDavid Sigman, ‘Lonsdale Dam’Bill Bickle, ‘Grizzly on the Estuary’ Kathy Sigman, ‘Elegant Antique Plymouth’
NatureBill Bickle, ‘Grizzly Swimming’Caroline Bennett, ‘Baby Bluebirds’Julie Drummond, with ‘Day Dreamer’, and Lee Ann Fitzgibbon, with ‘Pine Marten’
Altered RealityBev McConnell, with ‘Yesterday’s News’, Best in ShowJuliane Eckert, ‘Seasons Change’ Jim Peets, ‘Perception

Here are the People’s Choice and Best in Show images:

Bev McConnell, Yesterday’s News,  Best in Show
Sean Hearon, Snow Day, 2nd and People’s Choice

Images from the Photo Art 2019 show

Altered Reality

Colour Pictorial



Click here for Photo Art 2019 show rules

Results of  Photo Art 2018 show

Colour PictorialLisa MurphyJulie DrummondBill Bickle, David Sigman
MonochromeDavid SigmanJulie DrummondBev McConnell
NatureJulie DrummondLisa MurphyCaroline Bennett, Don Taylor
Altered RealityDavid SigmanBev McConnell, Jim Peets

Here are some images from the Photo Art 2018 show

Colour Pictorial. 8 of 11 images are shown.

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Photo Art 2018 – Monochrome category. 7 of 10 images are shown.

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Photo Art 2018 – Nature category. 6 of 12 images are shown.

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Photo Art 2018 – Altered Reality category. 9 of 9 images are shown.

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Here are images from Photo Art 2017
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Here are a few of the images from the 2016 exhibition.

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