2017 Competitions

Link to June 13, 2017 Printed Images Entry Form: Click Here

The entry form should be completed by June 6.

Click Here for the 2017 Competition Rules

 We suggest that you replace the file size guidelines of 1400 x 1050 pixels to the old 1028 x 764 pixels for the digital images competitions and for having your entries shown on our website.

February 2017 Digital Images Competition

Colour Pictorial: There were 13 images in the category, 12 are displayed here.

Monochrome: There were 9 images in the category, 8 are displayed here.

Nature: There were 11 images in the category, 10 are displayed here.

Altered Reality: There were 4 images in the category.


The Napanee Photo Club hosted the 2016 Multi-club Photo Competition on October 2.

The 3 clubs (Kingston Photographic Club and Brockville Area Photo Club and Napanee Photo Club), spent the day taking photographs throughout Greater Napanee.

Results to come.

Follow this link for details about the competition.
Here’s a link to a map showing the area for photography in the 2016 Multi-club Photo Competition


September 2016

Images from the September 13, 2016 Digital Photo Competition for club members. There were 40 entries from 14 photographers.

Altered Reality

-digitally manipulated or abstract images that represent an innovative technique.
-Original image must have been taken by the photographer using a camera

Colour Pictorial

-a general category
-indoor & outdoor settings, people, portraits; scenery, architecture, flowers, etc.


-generally black and white but sepia and other tones may be used in an image of a single hue.


-restricted to all things that are wild and not showing human influence.

June 2016

Here are the images that photographers who entered the June 14, 2016 print competition made available.

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Here’s a link to the 2016_COMPETITION_RULES

Here are some images from 2015 competitions.

February 2015 Competition Images

Click here to see a list of annual award winners