Club Profile

The Napanee Photo Club was founded late in 1984. The charter members drew up a constitution for the club,  (overdue for an update), describing its purpose as follows:

“The aim of this club is to educate and develop its members as photographers, and to encourage and promote the art of photography.”

The club membership ranges from novices to professionals and all are made to feel welcome in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Members of the club are very active and it is common to have a 75 % turnout at the monthly meetings.

The major annual event of the club is Photo Art, a show of prints, occurring in the fall. For several years it was held at the Lennox & Addington County Museum. Since 2010 the exhibition has been held at the Lennox & Addington County General Hospital, in the Community Corridor.

The annual show has received wide attention and much praise. This is an important component in the growth of the club’s members for several reasons:

By entering images in a juried show, the photographer subjects not only the photograph but the presentation to a panel of experienced judges.

The annual print show provides club photographers with a relatively high level of exposure, which in turn encourages members at all levels of work.

By regularly showing work with that of other photographers, a subtle peer pressure emerges leading individual photographers to continually look for fresh approaches.  Comments from other photographers and the viewing public also result from the annual print show. 

The Napanee Photo Club welcomes new members who are willing to contribute to the growth and success of the club. While the club does not provide actual lessons in photography, its programs and competitions provide an atmosphere of continual development and inspiration, consistent with its philosophy of promoting the art of photography.

2022 Club Executive

  • President: Rhys Brigham (resigned August 9, 2022)
  • Program: Bill Bickle
  • Photo Art Show: Don Taylor and Patricia Chown (resigned June 30, 2022), John McNeill
  • Competitions: Jim Peets, Don Taylor (resigned June 30, 2022), Bill Bickle
  • Website: Jim Peets
  • Facebook:  Jim Peets
  • CAPA: Sean Hearon
  • Treasurer: Pat Werden