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CAPA Competition: PORTRAIT

The theme for the next CAPA competition is PORTRAIT. The competition closes March 31. As usual, we can submit up to 6 photos from different photographers. 

Scope of Competition

For the purposes of this competition, a portrait image will primarily contain the likeness of a person (s) in which the facial expression is predominant but can be extended to include the entire body and the background.

The object of the portrait is to capture the person’s personality and mood as the focal point or as a component of a moment in time.

The image can be posed, candid or environmental. Street photography image is considered environmental.

Typically, photographs taken in a public place do not require a model release. However, you may wish to consider using a model release to establish a clear expectation about how the photograph will be used and provide proof that the terms of the release were agreed to by both parties. A model release should be a consideration when photographing a person under the age of 19 and have the parent or guardian sign the release.

By submitting an image into this competition, CAPA assumes that you have obtained a model release in circumstances that require one. 

Please have submissions Sean no later than March 29. 


2019 CAPA Club Competitions


2019 Spring Open Theme ‘Club’ Competition

We came in 32th place out of thirty-nine.

Flying Home Bev McConnell 20
Sabre Tooth Cat David Sigman 22.5
Resting Don Taylor 21
Follow Me Juliane Eckert 20
Who Left The Light On Kate Morgan 23.5
Raptor Flight William Bickle 24.5
Napanee Photo Club Total 


2019 Monochrome ‘Club’ Competition

We came in 31rd place out of forty-two.

Your Journey Starts Here Juliane Eckert 22.5
Lockjaw Julie Drummond 22.5
The Loon LeeAnn Fitzgibbon 21.5
I Am King I Am Pat Werden 19.5
Yakety Yak William Bickle 23
Moira River David Sigman 22
Napanee Photo Club Total


2019 Altered Reality ‘Club’ Competition

We came in 23rd place out of twenty-nine.

The Great Escape Bev McConnell 21.5
Loon Caroline Bennett 18.5
Spooks In The Garden Faye Prettie 19.5
Drifting Juliane Eckert 19.5
Racing The Riverside Rumble Pat Werden 22.5
Painted Wreck Sean Hearon 19.5
Napanee Photo Club Total


2018 CAPA Club Competitions

2018 Nature  Club Competition 

We came in 10th place out of thirty-eight.

Bald Eagle Bev McConnell 21
Green Heron Bill Bickle 22.5
Loon Feeding Chick Caroline Bennett 23.5
Perfect Camo Lee Ann Fitzgibbon 24
Stopper of Time Julie Drummond 24.5
Wonder of the Little Things Faye Prettie  21.5
Napanee Photo Club Total




About CAPA

 “About CAPA.” Canadian Association for Photographic Art,

The Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) is a national organization of Canadian Camera clubs and individual members from Canada and around the world who have a common interest in photography. Our clubs can be found across Canada, all of whom are always eager to welcome new members. We have almost 90 member clubs and over 1,000 individual CAPA members. Our members range from amateurs to professionals, many of whom are recognised among the best photographers in Canada.
Frequently, CAPA members receive international acclaim through their published photographic work, articles and their courses. New photographers can quickly build their skills through interaction with other CAPA members, who will share their experience and techniques.T he Association operates under a charter from the Federal Government as a non-profit charitable corporation, registration No. 119051415 RR0001. All officers of the Association are elected and are unpaid. Their major interest is to serve Canadian photographers.

Our objectives are:

  • To promote the art and science of photography in all its forms throughout Canada and the world, and to further public interest therein
  • To encourage and promote participation by its members in photographic exhibitions, circuits, competitions and like endeavors on regional, national and international level
  • To promote the organization and encourage the affiliation of camera clubs, councils and similar groups
  • To promote international, national and regional exhibitions of photography
  • To compile and disseminate information relating to photography in all its forms for the use and benefit of the individual members and the Association’s affiliated or associated groups


CAPA Competitions Benefits

CAPA Competitions.” Canadian Association for Photographic Art,

When you enter a CAPA Competition, you have opportunities to grow and enhance your photography skills:

  • Increase your confidence in your photographic skills, abilities and artistic style by trying new ideas and techniques
  • Determine what changes or enhancements you need to make to be considered competitive
  • Receive an assessment of your image from a panel of independent judges by way of a collective score
  • Increase your exposure as a photographer

Judging of images is subjective and rarely do all judges award the same scores for an individual image.  Consequently, an image can receive a different score by different judges on a different date. However, judges do agree that the top 20% of submitted images contain the elements of being a competitive image.  Therefore, all photographers should strive to place in the top 20% of every competition they enter instead of being solely focused on winning a CAPA award.


When an image doesn’t place in the top 20% then it becomes a self reflecting moment to analyze your image to identify what elements or techniques could be enhanced.  This process may include comparing your image with that of the winning images. Most competitions are open to both CAPA individual members and members of more than 84 camera clubs that are members of CAPA. 

CAPA Certified Judge

National Judging Course.” Canadian Association for Photographic Art,

As a photographic society, one of CAPA’s most important roles is to nurture and encourage photographers at all levels to increase their knowledge and expertise in the art. Historically, one of the very significant ways we did this was to ensure that members received evaluation through judges with wide experience and knowledge of all aspects of photography. CAPA provides nation-wide courses teaching the fundamentals of judging, so that those who enter our competitions, can be assured of consistent and well-informed evaluation and commentary of their work. CAPA has trained judges since its inception to provide skilled competent judges and commentators at CAPA sponsored competitions, club events and international exhibitions. CAPA clubs particularly seek the help of CAPA judges for their own in-house competitions on a regular basis, and look to us to provide a consistent standard of judging across the country.