Guests and New Members Are Always Welcome!

The 2018 Photo Art Exhibition is on until Nov. 1 at the Napanee Hospital Gallery.

The official opening is on Tuesday evening, Oct. 9 at 7:30. Awards will be presented.

Refreshments will be served.

Results and Photos For the September 11, 2o18 Competition Will Be Posted Soon

The June 2018 Printed Images Competition results and images can be seen by clicking on the 2018 Competition Tab.

The Rules  for the Sept. 11, 2018 Digital Images Competition are available by clicking on the 2018 Competitions tab. The Entry Form will follow.

The June Theme, “Abandoned”, is rescheduled for November.

The February 2018 Digital Images Competition results and images can now be seen by clicking on the 2018 Competitions tab.

 With the 2017 Annual Photo Art Show now over, please click on the ‘Annual Photo Art Show’ tab to view the images.


The September 12, 2017  Projected Images Competition Results and Images can be seen on the 2018 Competitions page.


The June 13 Printed Images Competition results and photos are now ready for your viewing. Click on the 2018 Competitions tab.



Flash: Membership Fee Reduced to $20 For This Year

After 33 years, the Napanee Photo Club continues to inspire members…
Read the 2016 profile of the club in Grapevine Magazine.

The Napanee Photo Club welcomes people with an interest in photography that goes beyond simply taking snapshots. The club has a history of quality programs, challenging competitions and continual development.

Our members range from novices to professionals. We work with digital media in studio and beyond. All sharing, all learning. Do feel welcome to come out to a meeting or two to ‘try us out’.  Meetings often feature presentations by professional photographers.


Meetings are held regularly* on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the County Memorial Building, 41 Dundas Street West, Napanee, Ontario. Note that access is via the Robert Street side entrance.

*The Napanee Photo Club is active throughout the year; July and August ‘meetings’ are often held outdoors as a photo shoot at various locations.  See the Monthly Program page for details.